As it is cold, besides preparatory bee-keeping work, I decided to visit a number of colleagues of beekeepers abroad.

This time I chose to visit beekeepers in Qatar, Thailand and Laos.

I arrived to Doha, capital of Qatar quite late. I flew by Qatar Airlines. Doha is located on the Gulf Coast and has about one and a half million people living there. I spent the night at the hotel and the next day ealy morning I went to the bee farm.

I used the Uber Taxi, I got a nice person Mr. Muhammad. He is comming from Pakistan, who has been living in Doha for over 30 years.

We follow GPS coordinates that I got through whatsapp directly from the bee farm. Soon we find that they are a bit inaccurate. We have come to the middle of the desert and to the trail. Finally, after about half an hour of searching, we were happily grabbed by Muhammad and his knowledge of the local language on the farm. Bee Farm is located in the wilderness about 11 kilometers from Al Khor, less than two hours from the Doha. It is one of the oldest family farms in Qatar, it was founded in 1950. It was welcomed by the whole delegation, including Mr. Fatgallu. I was very surprised by it, I did not expect it at all.

It's not just a bee farm, they also have a huge herd of sheep that lined a single access path to the farm. They also have hundreds of ducks and hens that have a free run. They grow apple varieties Kanar, it is also a small green sauerkraut. These trees, of course, pollinate beehives. Since the bees do not live naturally in the desert, the bees are breeding from Egypt. The farm produces the so-called "Sidr honey" (Latin Ziziphus Jujuba, Elb in the Arab world), that is, it is honey from the tree species.

Honey from Qatar is one of the most precious and most luxurious in the world and is literally a treat for honey gourmets. This liquid gold is already written in the Koran and is recommended to use it almost every health problem. Since the farm is located in the middle of the desert, there are not many plants that have such a precious nectar for bees. The production of honey from one hive is a maximum of 6-7 kilograms of honey per year, so the bottling of honey takes place only once a year. They fo not feed bees with sugar.

How does Sidr honey taste like?And what does it look like?

It is a very dense honey with a rich and sweet taste, a golden color that later changes to red. There are several types of this honey. They can differ in taste and color, but one has a common - a huge dose of various antioxidants and minerals. A pound of this honey costs at the Doha market for about €60. I had the honor and, at the end of my visit, I received Sidr honey as a gift.

Beyond of honey and apple trees, they have large plantations for cucumbers, pumpkins and tomatoes. The farm is very successfull. It is paradoxical due to the sanctions / blockade imposed by the surrounding Arab countries. I spent more than 5 hours on the farm, it was a very inspirational visit. It is very hard for me to leave such good people but I have to continue to my next adventures...

What is going on next?

Im going back zo Doha at the evening. In Doha, I have also visited a colleague beekeeper from Yemen. I got delicious Sidr honey from him too. Yemen is the most famous producer of Sidr honey in the world. Then I took the luggage from the hotel and headed to the airport. Im flighing to Thailand to visit another friends beekeepers, but this is another adventure for another article.

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